Why You Need to Remove a Backyard Tree

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 | 233 views

Man Removing A Tree

You want to preserve the massive tree in your backyard. It’s provided shade and cooled your house during summer days. But it’s also become a bit of a hazard around the neighbourhood. As such, tree felling is necessary.

A Diseased Tree

If a disease has damaged more than half of the tree, it requires removal. The tree may still survive, but its appearance will affect the garden’s visual appeal. Severe trunk damage such as large cracks, wounds, dead branches or stubs where the branches should have been could indicate a rotting trunk.

Large dead branches are a definite sign a tree should be removed as it then becomes a danger to people, animals and property due to the potential for falling branches. Dead branches on one side of a tree can make it lopsided and increase the risk that it will fall. If the weather’s particularly windy, it could easily crush a room.

Fungus growing at the base of the tree or the presence of lots of insects could indicate root rot. Root rot is serious because it can spread to other trees and ruin the garden.

The Need for a Professional Service

Tree felling may sound like an easy job, but it requires proper training and equipment. An arborist can do a safe, clean job of removing the dangerous tree using the right tools. Tauranga’s Tree Fellers shares that, with professional tree removal, arborists can rejuvenate your garden space.

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Moreover, arborists can get rid of stumps after the tree felling process; stump removal keeps your yard free from accidents, preventing kids from tripping over it. It also ensures no leftover decay attracts termites and wood borers.

Trees are not simply beautiful on your yard. They also provide a welcome shade from the sun, and keep your home comfortable. But when it becomes a hazard, it’s time to remove it from your property.

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