Why Office Designs Should Reflect a Company’s Brand

by CCB Today | Friday, Mar 16, 2018 | 140 views

Well designed workspaceOffice designs continue to evolve, yet companies should take note of interior spaces that reflect their corporate values and culture will remain important amid different trends in 2018.

A common design for this year involves bringing life to workspaces, particularly adding natural elements such as plants and letting more sunlight inside the office. Materials such as reclaimed wood panels will also be a common sight in workspaces.

Design Trends

The addition of natural elements has been touted as a way to improve productivity among employees. Whether you plan to use natural or artificial plants, the presence of greenery will contribute to a more conducive workplace environment.

If you want a vintage look to your office, buying industrial furniture online at Urban95 or from traditional retailers will provide you with many options. A vintage design should also complement office ergonomics for employees, especially for those who spend all day sitting in front of computers. Co-working space is another trend that recently became popular particularly for millennial workers.

Shared Office Spaces

Almost 27 million square feet of shared office spaces in the U.S. are located in key metropolitan areas. New York City’s Manhattan accounts for a majority of this space with more than 7.6 million square of co-working space.

More companies have redesigned their offices to create more flexible spaces. Gone are the days when offices are segregated, and some are hidden from plain sight. Functionality serves as their main reason, as they want to attract younger professionals by having an office that promotes collaboration among workers.

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The cost of designing your office space will depend on your budget, although it should not require you to spend a lot. Remember that there is no standard layout for creating functional spaces, as each company is different. Will you follow the trends for this year?

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