Why Business Needs Printing

Worker printing copies of magazine spread

As much as the print industry has undergone some changes in response to technology, anyone ruling out print materials for businesses may be making a wrong bet. In the United Kingdom, premium stationery sales have risen. Although that was years ago, a similar rise in sales of premium stationery occurred in smaller retailers of the items.

Business stationery has remained relevant to business owners as a core component of their marketing arsenal. The fast evolution also means that these items can be printed in higher quality with faster delivery across the globe. In Australia alone, the printing service industry’s annual revenue between 2012 and 2017 reached $8 billion. Employment created by printing services in Australia is 30, 587, also within the stated period. Here are four essential print industry products that will make your business stand out.

Advertising Materials

These are marketing collaterals that project the company’s brand. They range from large format print such as billboards to small-sized banners. The objective is to grab attention and stimulate demand for a product while ensuring brand recall.

Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals

These are some of the most popular and recognisable print products found anywhere. These vary in format and size, but the evolution of print technology has increased quality and even made costs more competitive.

Non-Publication Printed Materials

These include items such as small-sized marketing collaterals such as flyers and handbills. These help the brand become ingrained into the mind of the target market while promoting the company’s products and services.

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Business and Financial Documents and Materials

Most businesses need stationeries for internal communication and external correspondence. These are a staple for most businesses while the financial documents include receipts and invoices used for financial recording in hard copy format.

Communication with an external audience and members of the target market typically demand effective use of high-quality print materials. As the print technology evolution is felt by printing services in Australia, it is expected that even more positive changes will take place while further industry growth will occur.

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