Weatherboard: Critical Considerations before Installation

Weatherboard 101 in PenroseMany Australian homes, whether historic, traditional, or modern, feature weatherboard cladding. And for many good reasons. Ease of maintenance, aesthetic appeal, affordability, and longevity are just a few of the great characteristics these cladding materials have to offer.

Before you go for weatherboard cladding, though, it pays to know more about them to determine whether you should invest in them, and why you should.

What are weatherboards in the first place?

One of the primary attractions to weatherboards is that manufacturers can use a variety of materials to produce these beautiful cladding materials. You will typically find them in timber, aluminium, PVC, or fibre cement. They can also take the form of vertical, horizontal, or diagonal boards. You can also choose amongst different profiles.

How easy are they to maintain?

Weatherboard maintenance depends on the specific type of material used to construct them. Just keep in mind that all types of claddings require some level of maintenance, but all in all, weatherboards are some of the easiest to clean and maintain.

Where can you use weatherboards?

In most cases, installers apply weatherboards on the exterior side of a home, although they can also affix them to almost any type of substrate, such as brick and fibre cement. You have the option to clad your entire home with weatherboards or combine it with other cladding materials. The best thing about them is their availability in various profiles, making them suitable for both traditional and modern homes.

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Why go weatherboard?

Affordability is one of the greatest reasons many Australian homeowners opt for weatherboards. Aside from pricing, they area also easy to install and quick to dry. Although lightweight, they feature impressive durability and strength, keeping homes dry and weather-resistant.

All in all, as long as you do your part in maintaining them, you can expect them to last for a very long time, further reducing your overall home’s maintenance costs.

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