Types of Web Traffic: These are What You Want

Website TrafficAchieving Internet marketing success is no easy task. With plenty of potential clients online, spread across numerous locations, ensure you appeal to them. Make it easy for them to find and browse your website. Below are three essential website traffic types and what each mean for the success of your marketing campaign.

Direct Web Traffic

Put simply, direct traffic is when individuals come to your site when they type in your website address or bookmark it. This traffic type is from loyal clients who visit your site repeatedly. If you notice new visitors, this could mean they have seen the URL of your site somewhere and decided to visit. These visitors could be amongst the 60% of ‘direct’ traffic that come from organic search, as mentioned by Searchengineland.com.

Organic Web Traffic

For Yourtraffichits.com, the right kind of SEO plan is important. As far as Internet marketing is concerned, organic web traffic is THE jackpot. You get organic traffic when people search for phrases associated with your company and your services or products.

For instance, if someone searched for ‘vintage clothes’ on Google and your site was listed at the top of the webpage, they will probably visit your site, earning you organic traffic. In this context, the term organic or natural is used because you did not have to spend anything to get on Google’s most coveted page.

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Referral Web Traffic

This kind of website traffic comes from individuals who discovered your site via external links. For instance, if you published an article that links back to your website and a person clicks on the link, you get referral traffic. With this web traffic type, more links of your site on popular or high-quality sources is crucial.

It is important to know and understand the traffic patterns of your site and the specific traffic type it came from. This is because having a thorough understanding of how people find your website is crucial to assessing the effectiveness of your Internet marketing efforts and the planned link traffic you are generating.

It is critical that you regularly measure your traffic sources. This determines which ones are working for you and which ones need improvement.

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