Top Questions to Ask When Hiring an HR Consultant

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015 | 225 views

HR Consultant Hiring an outside human resource consultant instead of employing one can provide your small business with numerous advantages. Their services are less costly as you pay them on an as-needed basis, be it hourly or ad-hoc. Even though they aren’t regular employees, you still get the same value of service.

With HR consultants, businesses can focus on the more important functions of recruitment, employee compensation, and retention, according to But, before you sign them up, make sure you thoroughly interview them and ask the essential questions to know if they qualify for the job.

How successful were your past projects?

You’d want an HR consultant who has a superb track record. These professionals most likely know what they’re doing and they’re good at it. Look out for those who have poor performance, as well as other HR consultants who don’t finish the project they started due to better opportunities in other companies.

For which companies have you worked before?

Don’t get too complacent with their previous successes. It’s better to know first if they are truly fit for your business. Check for the companies they’ve worked in the past and make sure they are closely similar to yours. Plus, if you can get first-hand testimonials from them about the consultant, then do so.

Are you specifically competent in the HR consultancy?

Some consultants work in a general manner, providing services for different industries. Make sure that the ones you hire have expertise in the human resource area to make the most of their services. This can give you confidence that their services are highly effective to the needs of your organization.

How well are you updated to the trends?

Well-rounded consultants fully understand the latest developments, approaches, and practices in the industry. But, more than being knowledgeable with what’s hot, they should be able to precisely apply them at work. Outdated consultancy service methods are as good as wasting hundreds of dollars.

Hiring an HR consultant is logical for small businesses that face challenges in the capability and capacity of their internal HR department. These questions will allow you to find the most suitable person to hire.

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