The Three C’s: Principle towards Success in Real Estate Marketing

by CCB Today | Sunday, Jul 2, 2017 | 208 views

Big luxury house at duskReal estate marketing today has shifted from the traditional listings in newspapers, magazines, direct mail, and other traditional media to digital channels. In fact, real estate marketing today now operates mostly in the digital realm through online marketing.

In spite of this shift towards digital, however, real estate agents, brokers, or team can still find marketing difficult since online marketing proves to be difficult as well.

The Three C’s

Without an established audience and a reputable platform, you can have difficulty getting the word out about your available properties. You can overcome this hurdle, however, by employing three C’s: consistency, creativity, and commitment.

These principles can drive you towards success. What does each of the three involve?

Be Consistent in Promotion

Consistency involves developing your brand and promoting it through multiple channels over a long-term plan. Your plan can include your website, e-mail, social media, content, and other digital media. Budget and structure your spending on these channels.

Your long-term plan will be to hit your target audience consistently with your promotions to generate leads.

Stand Out from the Competition

Creativity involves setting your promotions apart from the competition. Pictures and video of properties, for example, are overused. How about using 3D models instead, so your audience can interact with them?

How about going a step further and offering virtual reality experiences of your properties? A 3D architectural visualization service can help you with this.

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Follow Through with Promises

Finally, commitment involves exactly what it means. Whenever a customer comes to you to sell a property, you have to follow through with your promises. Whenever a client approaches you to purchase a property, you have to give the best service as possible.

Offering a consistently high-level service will surely impress customers, allowing you to gain more referrals.

With the three principles of consistency, creativity, and commitment, you can easily overcome hurdles in real estate marketing. The faster you understand and completely implement them, the easier you can reach success. 

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