Small Business Pointers: Economising through Outsourcing

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Sep 20, 2016 | 336 views

Small BusinessYou've recently started a small business and it's typical that you would want to do everything yourself just to save on your expenses. However, there are a few services that can give you more savings if you outsourced them. Here are four of the essential ones.

Printing and Layout – Industry studies have shown that print cost can be reduced to up to 30% when outsourced. Also, expertise in layout when it comes to marketing materials is a necessity. The effectiveness of your brochures, flyers and other promotional printouts is dependent on the right visuals, text, information and quality. Also, your staff can focus on their functions more when all needed printed materials and documents are readily available. Look up for affordable and experienced commercial printing services and look for a package that fits your company's needs.

Delivery – When expanding your business, you will need to extend your reach as well. A good delivery service allows you to do that while focusing on improving your service and products. Plus, their expertise and history assure you of better customer experience. You may also want to consider outsourcing your phone-in calls for orders and even customer service so your staff can focus on their original functions.

Hiring – Once your business is doing well, it's only normal to look for additional personnel. However, since you are a small business yet, your HR department will have to give up precious time and workload to find the right workers to employ. Outsourcing your hiring needs to a more experienced staffing company can eliminate those problems while increasing the percentage of getting the right people for your needs. All you need to do is find a reputable hiring company with a good track record and clarify your requirements with them.

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It's typical to want to economise when your company is at its early stage. However, there are outsourcing services that can assure you of saving, not just money, but of time. Remember, the money you can earn but time is priceless.

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