Renewable Energy Sources and Their Benefits

by CCB Today | Wednesday, May 16, 2018 | 151 views

Solar heater for green energyIn the United States, the trend in the energy-producing industry is the creation of sustainable and renewable sources of energy. It is no longer enough that people install solar panels on their roofs to sustain power.

The U.S. is now heading towards a trend of allowing the franchise of supergreen solutions to counter the negative effects of global warming. Instead of requiring large sums of capital in acquiring renewable energy equipment, the market shows that franchising is the way to go green at the cheapest cost.

Increased Market Share

Renewable energy sources now account for around twenty percent (20%) of the power industry in the United States. This number has seen a stable increase from the previous decade as the then pollution-heavy companies have switched gears and decided to go green.

The declining control of the United States over oil-producing countries and the never-ending fight against the negative effects of burning fossil fuels and coal have been major factors in the change in the mindset of most factories.

Solar and wind power remain top options at the moment, but recent research and development have shown even the incineration of garbage and other water wastes can also be converted into clean and renewable energy.

Clean Future

With the number one powerhouse in the world going green, there is hope other countries may follow suit. Being the most influential country in the world, it is but the duty of the United States to set an example as to how a superpower can maintain economic growth while contributing to the efforts of saving mother Earth.

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Even little things such as turning off lights when not in use can contribute to a cleaner future. Hopefully, the rate of renewable energy sources will go from 20% to 100% in the future.

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