Professional Hacks for Marketing Your Local Business

by CCB Today | Monday, Dec 5, 2016 | 279 views

Marketing Hacks Marketing takes a lot of different forms. And make no mistake about it: it does cost money. It is not really an investment, as many would suggest; it is more an expenditure. It only feels like an investment because you expect to make more money in return.

No matter how you look at it, as an expense or an investment, you cannot afford not to do it. Without marketing, there is no way you can position your brand with your customers, especially with all the competition out there. There is no escaping competition, and aside from product excellence — which is essentially a huge part of marketing — only strong and relevant marketing can separate you from the rest and earn you enough respect to enjoy top of mind presence.

Here are some ways to market your brand:

Start locally

Local marketing makes more sense than something bigger, more expensive, yet more wasteful, as well. By knowing your local customer base, you earn a reputation and get instant following. Besides, if you don’t even cater to customers outside your city, what’s the point of shotgun marketing in different states?

Participate in your community

There is no better way to encourage people in your community to support your business than by participating in what matters to them. For example, donate the uniforms to the local basketball team. If you want to go bigger, look for stadium seating chairs for sale and donate them to the local high school for use in their court or field.

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Join local gatherings

Being present at the gatherings in your community is an easy and cheap way to make an impression. By mingling with your community, they will see you as an approachable business owner with genuine concern for the community. Especially in the countryside, this is huge, as the people like to support local businesses first. It’s only natural that you show your appreciation.

These simple steps go a long way in helping you leverage whatever costs you incur for marketing your brand. The more marketing you do, the better for your business.

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