Prevent Back Pains: Tips for Choosing the Right Office Chairs

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017 | 298 views

Office ChairsSitting is “the new smoking”. A poorly chosen chair can lead to very serious cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, prolonged sitting has a connection to back pain, heart disease, and disk compression. Ergonomic chairs, however, is one solution to this.

Manufacturers designed these chairs to promote good posture and support your back. If you are to spend long hours behind a desk, these are the kinds of chairs you need.

Before you order new office furniture from vendors such as Online Office Furniture, here are some things you should know:

Check for lumbar support

Lumbar support helps promote good posture. With this, the muscles around the spine would be relieved of a very heavy task. The chair also needs elbow support prevent pain in the neck.

Flexibility is important

The chair should be adjustable in this way; you can alter it to fit the user’s body. Some body parts need more priority, and these chairs should be able to provide you anything.

Pains and aches are no-no

You are buying expensive chairs to give you comfort. Many things, however, cause discomfort. Some fabrics can be very hot for the users. Chairs should have fabrics that are breathable and could facilitate airflow.

On the other hand, seats should also have sufficient padding to prevent various aches.

Sit in the chairs

Make sure to test the chairs. Sitting on the chairs would allow you to experience the lumbar support and the flexibility. You should check if you can plant your feet on the floor, knees are at 90-degree angles, you have support for the back, and you can maintain proper posture.

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A new chair would feel good and help you be productive. However, the chair would just help you up to some point. Do not forget to stand and walk around every two hours to get your blood running.

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