Get Ready for Any Welding Task with Personal Protective Equipment

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018 | 118 views

Worker wearing safety gearPersonal protective equipment (PPE) serves to protect construction workers from numerous hazards and dangers in construction sites. Most of these dangers affect workers in general, but others also put only a fewer at risk, such as welders and cutters.

These specific dangers need specific protective gear, and you can find what you need below if you work as a welder or cutter.

Hazards from Welding

Welders and cutters face light, fire, gas and electric-based hazards, such as radiation, sparks, heat, fumes, and electric shock. Any amount of exposure to these hazards can lead to serious burns, injury, or even death.

With such severe consequences, welders and cutters need the proper protective equipment, ranging from industrial eye protection to fire-resistant clothing.

Cover the Eyes and Head

Starting from the head, you will need eye and head protection. Industrial eye protection will keep your eyes safe from flying debris and ultraviolet light.

Sometimes eye protection comes with head protection as well. In other cases, you have to buy the eyeglasses and the head protection separately. For separate head protection, you can buy welder’s masks or respirators.

Plug Your Ears

You may also need ear protection depending on the task assigned to you. Overhead welding will require ear protection to keep sparks, spatter, and hot metal out. Welding or cutting in noisy environments will also require ear protection for the noise.

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Wear the Right Gloves and Shoes

Your hands and feet will need constant protection in any welding or cutting task. Steel-toed work boots and insulated welding gloves will keep your hands and feet from being burned or scratched. You can also add fire-resistant boot protectors in case of heavy slag.

Cover Your Whole Body

Finally, you also need to cover your entire body. Any exposed skin is at risk of burning from slags and sparks. Long sleeve shirts, long pants, welder’s beanies, leather jackets, and leather aprons will all cover any exposed skin you have.

With the proper PPE, you can be safe to take on welding or cutting in any form.

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