Funeral Plans to Choose From

by CCB Today | Thursday, Oct 11, 2018 | 174 views

Direct Cremation ServicesThere has been a shift in the mindset about tradition funeral costs, and more people are considering cheaper funeral arrangements. That fact alone has made funeral plan providers create flexible or prepaid services. You can have a cremation instead of a traditional funeral. Nevertheless, you can consider other options:

Instalment Plans

You can choose to approach the overall funeral cost by paying a certain amount within a specific time. The two common instalment plans are the fixed instalment plan and the regular instalment plan.

For a regular plan, you make monthly payments until you achieve the total amount. If you die before completing your debts, your family should pay the extra amount.

On the other hand, with a fixed instalment plan, your cover is valid as long as you pay your premiums within a stated period. However, you might end up paying much more than you should.

Direct Cremation Plan

This funeral plan covers the cost of the cremation procedure except for the funeral service. That means that no people will gather for a ceremony. This plan appeals to individuals who are looking for a cheap plan or those who do not want gatherings during their funeral.

Funeral Director Plan

Funeral planning services have disbursement fees or funeral director costs. Disbursement fees cover miscellaneous expenses such as money given to ministers who conduct the service. You can get a plan to cover the funeral director’s costs and let your family cover the other expenses.

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These are some of the plans that you can get from funeral service providers. Your choice will depend on your financial capability and preferences. Take time to consider what each plan offers to be sure that you will get what you need.

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