Different Ways of Processing Steel

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Steel ProcessingFlat rolled steel is manufactured in a strip, tin plate and sheets formed through rolling and melting processes. Factories specializing in steel coil services make these materials and manufacture heavy plates and steel coated items.

These materials have a broad range of uses in heavy machinery, the automotive, packaging, and the plumbing industries. Depending on the use, there are different types of flat steel produced based on the type of metal processing.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolling refers to a process where a steel metal sheet or strip passes through rollers and is squeezed then compressed to increase its strength, resistance, and hardness. Cold rolled steel has a clean exterior finish and is usually painted to improve its look. It is used for the manufacture of metal furniture, exhaust pipes, lockers, lighting fixtures and lawn mowers.

Hot Rolled Steel

In hot rolling, the steel is formed by heating the metal beyond its recrystallization temperatures. Hot rolled steel requires no heat treatment after forming and is, therefore, cheaper than cold steel. It is used in bars, plates, sheets, I-beams and channels. This steel is used in projects that do not require precise tolerance and shapes like railroad tracks and welding.

Sheared and Edged Steel

Sheared and edged bars are manufactured from stainless steel plates. The edges of the steel are milled to produce a somewhat different finish compared to a true flat bar which has equal sides. Although it undergoes straightening and flattening, it is not as truly dimensional as true flat bars. With increased polishing, however, the bar can yield similar results to a true flat bar and is commonly used as it is a less costly alternative.

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Varying types of flat rolled steel have different ASTM specifications which should be considered when ordering steel. An expert steel processing/service facility can help you find the best type of your assignment. Ensure you work with a steel processing plant that can give you quality products.

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