Challenges in Healthcare Staffing

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Feb 7, 2018 | 99 views

Smiling healthcare professionalsRecruiting is challenging because of the changing market where we see an increase in individuals who are prone to switching careers. The same holds true for healthcare staffing where the stakes are high in recruiting professionals that fit the specific needs of a medical facility.

Because of the challenging nature of recruiting in the healthcare industry, many facilities seek the expertise of physician staffing companies to help them find the best talent. Emergency Staffing Solutions notes that this move is beneficial to the entire medical organization.

Unlike in the corporate world where recruiters can afford to occasionally make a wrong hire, healthcare organizations can face legal risks when they hire people who violate HIPPA rules or harm residents in aged care facilities.

Here are some of the industry-specific challenges that healthcare organizations face when it comes to recruiting new talents:

Shortage of qualified employees

This shortage is one of the most pressing issues that healthcare recruiters face. With an aging population that inevitably increases the demand for qualified healthcare professionals, nursing homes are struggling to attract talents who will fill the positions of nursing assistants and registered nurses.

A revamp of the hiring process helps put the negotiation power into the hands of the recruiters, so they can move both sides forward to an agreement.

Differences in industry

One of the reasons reliable staffing can be difficult is because of the inherent nature of the job. The healthcare industry is different from other industries in many ways. For one, healthcare professionals provide direct care to patients with varying needs, and commonly work under pressure during emergencies and natural disasters.

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In addition, they are expected to provide emotional support to the families of patients and to create a comfortable environment for all patients. Healthcare professionals must do all these 24 hours a day, all year round. The stressful nature of the profession can make hiring a major challenge in this industry.

Weighing education and experience

In any field, the dilemma between experience and education is highlighted during the hiring process. The same is true in the medical field where recruiters often have to choose between candidates who recently graduated and applicants who have years of experience under their belt.

It can be difficult to choose because both education and experience are essential in performing duties in medical environments.

These issues can slow down the hiring process and cause confusion to the recruiters. To resolve this issue, healthcare organizations should focus on creating a team of academically inclined individuals and young talents.

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