4 Tips to Save on Home Power Use

by CCB Today | Thursday, May 24, 2018 | 149 views

Several bulbs with various wattageWith the rise of electricity costs, it’s not surprising that more homes are looking for ways to save on power. If you’re one of these practical people, here are some tips that should help.

Get Your Windows Fixed

Windows are the rarely recognised culprits when it comes to wasted power. Small unseen cracks and air holes cause fluctuations in temperature, so you’ll have to make an adjustment in your conditioning system to be comfortable. Fix this problem by seeking glass repair in Auckland and having the edges caulked to prevent temperature loss.

Switch to Low Watts

You’ll find that some lights today only necessitate as little as three watts, but still provide awesome illumination. Switch some of your lights for these low-watt bulbs, specifically the outdoor lights you keep turned on throughout the night for security. You’ll find that even if they’re on all night, your electric bill will not skyrocket.

Change Your Appliances to Energy Star

While your fridge might still be working perfectly at 10 years of age, keep in mind that you’re actually spending more by keeping the unit. Old appliances tend to be power-heavy and they require more electricity to run. Replace them with appliances with an Energy Star rating, which run on lower watts without losing out on quality.

Kill the Vampires

Energy vampires are often seen as inconsequential, but they actually make up a large portion of your electric bill. Vampires are the blinking light of your air conditioner when not in use, the red light on your TV when on standby, and the bright light of the extension switch. Studies show they cost around $100 per year to run.

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Of course, those are just some of the things to keep in mind. Remember that if you’re saving energy in pursuit of greener living, you can also try using other eco-friendly items like metal straws, reusable grocery bags, and menstrual cups instead of pads.

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