4 Reasons Brisbane’s West End is an Artist’s Haven

by CCB Today | Monday, Apr 23, 2018 | 164 views

A woman in an art galleryThere are many ways to define art. For some, it is a hobby, while for others it is a profession. Every artist will agree though, that art is an experience. You experience it in the live bands that perform for crowds or the paintings and sculptures in solemn exhibits.

These are art forms present in Brisbane's West End, which is why artists love to live in the area. Citrowestend.com.au rounds up some of the famous art spaces you can explore in West End.

Creative Kids Brisbane

It is good to start young. If you have kids who would benefit from exposure to art, you can go to Creative Kids Brisbane. It has a free outdoor arts space for children and it conducts workshops, including but not limited to, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and painting.

Junky Comics

If you are a lover of graphic art and literature, Junky Comics is a store that specialises in comics, graphic novels and prints. They support local artists by promoting local magazines made by the said artists. This is the go-to place in West End if you want to indulge in visual art and reading.

Art Shed Brisbane

Artists who need supplies can get some at Art Shed Brisbane. It has a shop that sells brushes, easels, inks and other art tools. It likewise offers classes on drawing for those interested.


For those craving for Asian arts and crafts, Hanasho is a Japanese florist shop that specialises in artistically made flower arrangements. It is also adorned with sculptures crafted from branches and twigs to further accentuate that artistic feel.

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These four areas prove that West End is a place that welcomes everyone who loves art. Browse online to find more art spots in the area. Who knows? You might just decide to live in this artistic haven.

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