3 Reasons to Get Tiered Seating for Any Common Space

by CCB Today | Thursday, Jul 12, 2018 | 115 views

tiered seating systemWhen planning for a presentation event, one of the crucial but often overlooked is the seating plan. This becomes a problem especially if the venue doesn’t have its own seating system – figuring out how to arrange seats that would match the presentation’s aesthetics and function is important.

There’s a reason why a tiered seating system is a favorite go-to style: it works! Here are a few reasons you should opt for this system in your next event.

Proper line of sight for the audience

Anyone who has seen a theater play in its proper setting would appreciate tiered seating systems. This is because regardless of where you are seated in the entire hall, there will not be any major obstructions to your line of sight.

This benefits the entire audience because the tiered set-up will account for any height disadvantages. In this way, all the audience can appreciate the presentation up front, with no need for straining to get a good vantage point.

Safety for cushioned variants

Others may see the height of the tiered seating systems set-up as disadvantageous or even dangerous. But the reality is that, with proper installation, this kind of seating is actually safe and more accessible.

Some systems accommodate wheelchair ramps for individuals with disabilities, and there are chair stops at the edges to ensure the safety of those seated on the far ends of each row.

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Accessibility for presenter

More than the accessibility of the stage to the audience, the tiered seating system is also beneficial for the presenter. This is especially beneficial for presentations that have some degree of communication or rapport with the audience, such as with teaching presentations or a speakers’ event.

Audiences even at the back can opt to participate if they want, and the speaker can reach out to the entire audience.

Beyond functionality, tiered seating offers a grand and impressive atmosphere to the presentation venue. Give your next event this kind of standout advantage by choosing this well-used seating system.

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