Work Relocation: Will Your Company Cover the Moving Expenses?

by CCB Today | Sunday, Sep 13, 2015 | 286 views

movingMaking a moving checklist and guide calendar is a must for relocating to Denver. Your preparation should start as early as eight weeks before the scheduled move. However, if your relocation is work related, there are other factors you have to consider.

Know Your Company’s Relocation Package

Know if your company offers a compensation package. If there is, make sure to understand its scope. Doing so gives you several options.

The relocating package that companies offer varies from one firm to another. Some are extensive packages, while others may not. The packages may include an allowance for house, shipment of your cars and assistance for buying or renting a property.

Some companies may have a relocating specialist who’ll work with you during the transition. Their expertise and job responsibilities will ease your relocation concerns.

What if your company does not provide relocation assistance? Try negotiating for it. Prepare an estimate of relocation expenses. Do some research. Get quotes from a Denver moving company. If you are able to present this to your boss, you’ll have a better chance of getting assistance.

Ask Questions

One important question you have to ask is whether or not you have to pay it back. If you’re a new employee, you’ll likely pay the expenses back. It can be the full expense or just a portion of it. It may also come with a corporate bond.

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Another factor to consider is its tax implications. It’s important to know if the relocation money you get is taxable or not because it will help you determine if the package is fair.  You can ask your company’s HR staff about this.

You’ll get the best solutions to your moving needs if you know the right questions to ask. Don’t be afraid to talk to your employer.

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