What to Talk About Before Getting Married

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018 | 168 views

wedding ring setWhen engaged couples decide to get married, they are often caught in the magic and excitement of being in love. They often overlook the need to talk about some of the more overwhelming topics that may bring about conflicts later in their marriage.

The romantic feeling and excitement of planning their wedding is a priority that they set aside the more pressing concerns that may bring about conflicts and differences.

Here are some of the major areas to explore before any couple decides to get married.

Where to Live

It is important that couples talk about where they plan to live after they are married. Questions related to where the couple would like to establish their marriage should include how far or close they would want to live in relation to their families. Or whether or not they would like to rent or buy a new house.

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Financial Issues

Talking about finances can greatly influence and affect the couple’s lives on a daily basis. Money is a complicated topic to talk about, but if not addressed early on in the relationship, it can become a major source of conflict.

If the couple comes from different socioeconomic backgrounds, their values on how to save, spend, or share money may greatly differ.

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Family, Relationships, and Sex

Individual experiences with the family can influence how each will interact with their partner and how they feel about creating a new family. It is important therefore that the couple discusses how they would like to build their family.

These include plans for children, where to live, and the kind of relationship they would like to have with their existing families. Another topic would be about their sexual relationship.

If a couple just started their relationship, it would be quite difficult to have frank conversations about complex and serious issues. Psychologists suggest that honesty and open communication helps build stronger relationships.

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