What Makes a Great Plumber? 4 Indicators of Quality Plumbing Service

by CCB Today | Saturday, Aug 8, 2015 | 234 views

Quality Plumbing ServiceThere are perhaps hundreds of plumbers offering similar services in your city. You probably have a handful of plumbers you can depend on — some recommended by friends and others you have known or trusted through experience.

How do you know if you can trust a plumber? Here are the four key indicators of quality plumbing service:


Your plumber should never use paint to cover up a shoddy piece of work. Good plumbers have faith in their tools and do not use paint to conceal cracks, leaks or damages in your pipes. A novice plumber can just paint a wall with leaky pipes, not knowing that moulds might develop because of the excess moisture.


Experienced plumbers trust their tools and instincts. The pipes and fittings should also be of quality brands and should comply with Australian standards. You may be surprised if your plumber quotes a high price. The lesson here is not to hesitate in spending money on quality materials. Cheap pipes may come in affordable rates, only to break after a few days. It is better to spend on excellent materials to save time and effort in fixing repetitive plumbing problems.


Turning, fixing, and inspecting pipes need a keen pair of eyes. Reliable Perth plumbers avoid inferior finishes, messy grouting and uneven tiles. They even make themselves accountable for these errors. Skilled plumbers know their work can withstand pressure and last long. In terms of workmanship, plumbing service should also include warranty.


Licensed Perth plumbers keep a strong work ethic to ensure customers are happy. If your friend, family or colleague recommends a trustworthy plumber, that expert has probably delivered consistent, quality services. Ask your neighbours for referrals if you need a plumbing company to work on your drainage problems.

Good plumbers know how to deliver great service. Look for these four signs in case you need someone to do your pipe work.

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