What Are the Best Travel Destinations for Summer?

by CCB Today | Monday, Jul 30, 2018 | 215 views

A tourist couple reading a travel bookletAccording to American Express Travel’s list of the top cities for tourism, Istanbul ranked as the best international destination during summertime.

If you’re planning to book a trip to Europe, you may want to consider a tour of Geneva. The city landed as the twelfth-best place for overseas travel during this season. While there, you could choose from many Swiss Alps tours and customize it according to your preferences. You can contact travel agencies like alpenwild.com to help you do this.

Blend in with the Locals

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This saying encourages everyone to experience and embrace the culture of any foreign city. Those who have been planning to see Lisbon should take a walk through Alfama. The second-best city’s oldest district has a rich cultural heritage highlighted by centuries-old churches and cobblestone-paved roads.

Croatia’s recent runner-up finish in the World Cup also piqued the interest of many football fans to learn more about the country, which landed on the list’s seventh-best destination. Its capital city, Zagreb, has been a top tourist spot. While towns in France, Canada, and Italy joined the list, some places in these countries have become overrated destinations.

Crowded Places

It’s unlikely for perennial tourist spots all over the world to have any lean season at all, which makes them a bit overrated for a vacation. A gondola ride in Venice serves as one example. Many people imagine a romantic experience while riding one, but you’ll have to fall in line and probably wait long before your turn due to the activity’s popularity.

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The Palace of Versailles in France also teems with tourists. Unless you want to know more about Marie Antoinette’s favorite residence, it’s better to see other places.

A beautiful vacation warrants some peace, preferably far away from the busy lifestyle in the city. Where do you plan to spend your summer?

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