Tile Cutting: 3 Essential Tips To Keep In Mind

by CCB Today | Friday, Aug 31, 2018 | 170 views

wood samplesTile cutting is considered a tough operation, even among tile experts. That is because even the simplest of errors may ruin the entire tile. There is, therefore, a need to purchase the right quality of tiles, as well as have precision tools.

Precision cutting:

When cutting tiles, precision is key. That raises the need for good tile cutting tools. You can visit one of the local tile saw suppliers to acquire a wet saw, whose operation is meant to minimise possible errors. It utilises a small piping system that supplies water to both the diamond blade and the tile. Its purpose is to cool the blade while wetting the tile making cutting easier.

Making an inside curve:

Unlike diagonal and square cuts, an error while making an inside curve is almost irreversible. So, carefully draw the curve you want to achieve. Make cuts of half an inch or less running towards the drawn line. Follow by breaking the segmented pieces one after the other with minimum pressure. The result will be an almost perfect curve.

Preventing a tile from chipping:

Tiles tend to chip during cutting, which will then rendering them useless. That results in a lot of waste and increasing the final construction costs. Chipping occurs when the emerging pieces change their starting position. Trying to force the tile back along the reference line is likely to cause chipping and breaking. The solution to the problem is straightforward but requires a lot of concentration. Always ensure that you maintain the tile in a fixed position throughout cutting.

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Perfectly cut tiles are an indicator of not only a tile-master but also his efficient tools of the trade. It is only through having the right tools that one can mark perfect measurements and cut perfect lines.

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