This Family App Can Change the Way You Organize Multiple Calendars

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018 | 179 views

A group with their smartphones in a huddleManaging multiple calendars requires diligence and constant checking to make sure it’s current and updated. Thankfully, there’s now an app that lets you do this using only a single device, and it packs additional useful features, too.

More Than Just a Calendar

The Bievo family organizer app is a calendar management tool that includes other useful features that can be shared with the entire family. Some additional features include a shopping list, task list, and contacts list in a single app.

With Universal Compatibility

The app is compatible with different mobile operating systems and can be synced with other calendar applications, too. This highly inclusive feature comes in handy when you’re working with third-party calendar apps.

Bievo automatically syncs and updates your events, so you never miss an appointment. This feature is essential in managing a family calendar, making sure that family, doctor, and school appointments don’t overlap and are scheduled right in one try.

A Fantastic Efficiency Tool

The shareable and revisable shopping list allows every member of the family to update them and tick items one might have missed. This means you’ll get an accurate and complete list of the things you need to get, making grocery shopping trips more efficient.

You could even enjoy a well-stocked pantry that has everything your family needs. Keeping track of your kids’ tasks and parenting plans are also made easy with a shareable checklist. It makes progress monitoring easier and more convenient, making sure you get everything done and encourage everyone to complete their tasks, too.

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Not Ignoring Security

Worried about over-sharing information? You could set the level of access for each member you share your calendar with as well as control the amount of information they can see.

This security feature is crucial when you’re syncing calendars and contacts with your kids’ activities, school events, health appointments, and your circle of family.

This calendar app allows you to do all these in one place and keeps you and everyone updated at all times while keeping your information safe and secure. It’s a great tool that makes household management a breeze.

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