The Benefits of Using Resin Serving Boards

by CCB Today | Thursday, Oct 4, 2018 | 183 views

steak on top of a wood board

You can use various platters to serve food to your customers. A growing number of food businesses are now using resin serving boards for their presentation. However, what makes them a popular choice among restaurants and catering services? Here are some of the benefits of using resin serving boards:

Less Room for Bacteria to Thrive

Resin platters are more hygienic than wooden trays. This is because they offer less room for bacteria to grow. Wooden ones tend to absorb atmospheric humidity, which can influence the survival of bacteria. Since resin serving boards are made with a scratch-resistant material, you do not have to worry about any bacteria growing in your serving tray.

Easier to Carry

A serving board made of resin is also much easier to carry compared to other platters. Most wooden materials are relatively dense, which means that they have more weight. Since they are heavy, people might drop them and cause some damage during events.

More Affordable

Wood can be expensive because it is difficult to mass-produce. Since you have to let the trees grow to get the wood that you need, it will take some time for you to produce it on a massive scale. This can cause a problem in your business once there is a high demand for it.

Using a resin serving board is an excellent alternative to using traditional ones made of steel and wood. Choose a supplier who can provide you with various designs that can fit what your business represents and what your clients want.

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