How Businesses Can Reduce Waste Management Costs

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018 | 153 views

Trash BinsCompany owners have much on their plates. They oversee operations, manage the workforce and ensure that they give quality products and services. On top of that, they have to see to it that the facilities are safe and clean; they should not take waste management for granted.

The proper disposal and management of industrial wastes should be prioritised if you want to keep your company on top of the game. According to, a trusted waste management company, waste disposal is crucial to maintaining a positive reputation.  It even affects your company’s revenue.

Waste Management Affects Revenue

Generally, disposing wastes account for about 5% of a company’s operational costs. If you reduce this, you could allocate the amount to other endeavours, like product development.

Here are other ways waste management affects your budget:

  • You can reduce the landfill tax your company is due if you decrease the wastes you dispose of.
  • You could earn from recycling and reusing items that would otherwise end up in landfills (e.g., plastic containers and beverage bottles).
  • You steer clear of penalties, which could be a big blow to your company’s budget. Complying with the ethical standards set by the government also ensures you do your part in protecting the environment.

Reducing Company Costs Through Responsible Disposal

There are many ways you could leverage waste management to your advantage. The general rule is to reuse, reduce and recycle (by partnering with a credible waste management company). Here are a few more tips to enjoy cost reduction:

  • Give your employees a head start on keeping wastes to a minimum. Encourage them to reduce, recycle and recover waste whenever possible.
  • Sort wastes according to the categories prescribed by environmental laws. Make sure that these are kept in secure containers in a safe area.
  • Ensure that your waste management partner disposes of your garbage in regulated landfills, complete with a transfer note for every load that leaves your premises.
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Proper disposal and management of commercial wastes offer substantial benefits not only to the environment but to your business, as well.

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