Good Investments to Make If You’re Raising a Family

by CCB Today | Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 | 134 views

Two women kissing a childCouples who decide to raise a family have many factors to consider, one of which is their financial matters and investments that can help them long-term. They must consider this before starting a family so that they remain financially stable and secure once they raise children.

Home and Property Investments

Couples should invest in a family home to raise their children in so that they have no problem in the future about their home having too little space for their family.

Couples are allowed to choose whatever home fits their budget and interests, but if they’re going to own a house, ideally, it should be in an area that has all their needs to raise a child. It must also be close to work and provides a secure environment in which they would like their child to grow up.

The area should be suitable for families. Suburbs such as Quenda Hammond Park, for example, cater to families because of its hospitals, schools, parks, and other commercial establishments within reach.

Build an Emergency Fund

Before starting a family, couples should try to pay off all their debts so that their incomes solely benefit the family. It is important to pay any credit card, personal, or mortgage loans to avoid any financial issues that may arise as time passes.

Once no longer in debt, couples should consider an emergency fund. The Australian Securities & Investment Commission suggests keeping it in a high-interest savings account so that the money grows over time. This money may be a hassle to save in the present, but it could prove to be very necessary when one loses his or her job.

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Education Plans

Whether you choose to send your children to a private or public school in the future, a child’s 12-year education sets his or her parents back hundreds of thousands of dollars, says Wally David of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

There are multiple ways to save up for children’s education. Parents can choose between investments, family trusts, and offset accounts. David recommends parents decide on this early on so that they can save enough by the time the child receives their education.

Couples intent on starting a family should also consider the financial matters of raising a family. By making smart financial decisions and establishing their home in a safe environment, they allow their children to have a good and financially stable future.

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