Diversify Your Real Estate with Multifamily Properties

by CCB Today | Sunday, Feb 4, 2018 | 169 views

investment diversificationAs an investor, you already know that diversification in your portfolio is vital. It protects you from potential losses, making sure that you’ll continue to accumulate wealth in other areas if some have become unprofitable. With this, investors usually turn to real estate to diversify their portfolios:

Diversify Your Real Estate

In real estate, you also have to learn diversification. You can find many kinds of properties and their different money-making methods. Some will be profitable, while others will be doubly profitable. Having a diverse range of properties and investment types could maximize your wealth gain.

Consider Multi-Family

You can have rental properties in the form of apartments or single-family homes. Alternately, you may be flipping houses on the regular. Whatever your current real estate strategy, Vancouver Business Brokers and other industry experts say that you might want to include purchasing multi-family buildings.

A multifamily property gives you the capacity to accumulate wealth fast because you will have several rental units to lease to tenants. Of course, you may be intimidated by the idea. You will have concerns about financing and many other elements, but there are ways to go about the investment smartly.

Move into One of the Units

When you are concerned with the financing, you can consider living inside the property. You can then gain access to owner-occupied financing which requires less of a down payment. You can even invest in a different property sooner because you keep your debt-to-income ratio low.

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Find a Great Broker

Even seasoned investors can feel like novices in the face of multifamily properties. To ease things with you, you can hire a broker that has experience in handling a multifamily real estate. You can choose a better property this way, and you gain support in many other aspects of it as well.

With multifamily properties, you can diversify your real estate portfolio too, allowing you to gain wealth whenever other real estate investments turn up with losses.


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