‘Damn You, Autocorrect!’ The Wake-up Call for Developers

by CCB Today | Friday, Jun 17, 2016 | 373 views

Mobile User ExperienceFor mobile developers, it’s a rule of thumb: user experience is a number one priority.

Successful mobile experiences aren’t stripped-down desktop versions filled with compromises — they’re better than their desktop counterparts. For a satisfying and engaging user experience, developers should always go mobile first.

UX makes or breaks a business. Forgetting about mobile technology will put all your efforts to waste. Fortunately, the secret to enhancing mobile UX is simple: don’t forget the keyboard.

Dealing with the Dreaded Keyboard

According to Perth Web Design, most mobile users experience frustrations with their keyboards. The Perth web designer also adds that reasons vary: annoying autocorrect, having keyboards that are too small, or difficulty in typing large amounts of texts. In fact, the frustration can escalate quickly, stopping people from sharing content or from engaging with your site completely.

Some apps couldn’t risk losing users, so they eliminate the keyboard totally. While going keyboard-free sounds tempting, you still live in a language-based society. People still want to share their thoughts through written word.

Still, keyboards shouldn’t hinder users from enjoying a site or app. Using the keyboard should be easy, to encourage further engagement.

Keying in the Keyboard

A good keyboard easily adjusts to the user’s habits and also respects the context they type in. For example, the term 'LOL' is a frequent must-have for informal conversations but not for corporate emails. Keyboards should be smart enough to identify user preferences.

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Also, users hate keyboards that correct spellings automatically. Yes, good spelling matters, but keyboards should know when to refrain from correcting or offering predictions.

A versatile keyboard is also the best way to a user’s heart. It can be frustrating for users who prefer to type vertically if your app only allows horizontal orientation. Keep the keyboard as versatile as possible to accommodate different users.

The phrase ‘Damn you, autocorrect!’ is a wake-up call for developers. Users shouldn’t disengage from an app because they got too antsy. Create an easy-to-use keyboard that allows them to communicate better on their phones.

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