Control the Glare with Window Tinting for Your Home

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 | 173 views

A window being tintedMost people only get window tinting treatment for their cars. Window tinting, however, has a place in residential and commercial property windows. In fact, it is the current trend in window treatments.

Choosing among the different styles available in the market might be overwhelming. Your choice of window tinting film in Wanganui should depend on your home’s decor, style, budget and needs. Here are the typical options for tinting your building windows.

Mirrored Window Films

These types of window tints are common in commercial property windows. They are quite reflective and allow one-way visibility. The person inside can see the outside clearly, but people on the outside cannot see inside. If privacy is your primary goal, these are the window tints for you. Mirrored windows also have a modern appeal. You can enhance your curb appeal by using them for your main windows.

Ceramic Window Films

This film has impressive energy-efficiency. It blocks up to 99% of sun rays from flowing into your home. It keeps your interior cool in the summer and traps heat indoors in the winter. This decreases your heating and cooling costs. Though the initial price of ceramic window films is high, the money you save justifies the investment.

Dyed Window Tint Films

If you are looking for an inexpensive window upgrade, dyed window tint films are your answer. They allow you to see clear images from inside and darken your window on the exterior. You get to select how dark you want your dye to be. These windows also offer some degree of sun protection and privacy.

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Before deciding on your ideal option, talk to a window tint specialist. They will help you decide on the best texture and decorative style for your window. Window films last for five to ten years when installed and maintained correctly. When done right, window tinting will prove to be the most cost-effective way to give your home an instant makeover.

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