Because Safety is Always a Priority: Training a Boom Lift Operator

by CCB Today | Friday, Sep 4, 2015 | 240 views

Lift OperatorBoom lift operations are a necessity in the construction industry. Now, to make things easier, companies can invest in lifts and hire operators for their own benefit. Figures suggest that companies save more money when they enroll their own people in a good boom lift operator course and lessen service rentals or similar expenditures. Even though there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of job manuals available online, it is still very important that you enroll your people in a professional course. Galmon shares the reasons below:

Mechanical Reflexes

The reflexes involved in the operation of a boom lift are very important. In operating such heavy machinery, precision is always a priority. Operators should not be second guessing their next button or next lever.

Developing Operator Discretion

This is important because you want the operators to be trained well enough to make their own decisions on the best course of action in case of emergencies. This is something that can only be honed through enough field experience and a good training course.

Safety Measures

Finally, along with the intricacies of the operation of the machine itself are the safety measures and guidelines involved. There are a number of safety standards that operators must constantly follow. The degree of learning for an operator must not be mere familiarity when it comes to safety regulations; he must be able to mechanically execute such safety measures without second guessing himself.

Investing in employee training is no small thing. It is an investment in safety, higher standard of employee productivity and a pledge to your company’s success. Determine your candidates and explore the option of training them and enrolling them in a trusted boom lift operator course.

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