Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Feeding Your Bird

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 | 177 views

A pet parrotIt’s one thing to go bird watching on a bright and perfect day, and another to have a bird in your home to keep you company.

Birds can be fascinating pets. Many people would choose one over a cat, or a dog and they have their reasons. And yet still, many bird owners continue to make mistakes when it comes to feeding their feathered friends. They’re usually thinking,

“How do I know if he’s still hungry?” or, “Should I buy bird food online or from a store?”

The list below is a few feeding mistakes most bird owners have done. Read on, and make sure you haven’t done any of them. If you have, well, make it up to your little pal.

1. “Polly wants only seed”. Many avian vets have now stated that you may be sacrificing the health of your bird on an all seed diet.
Try to alternate veggies and pellets with the seed for a healthier friend.

2. “My water looks spiked”. If you put medicine in their water, they would know. Some birds will refuse drink to the point where they ‘d become weak. If your vet knows his stuff, he can suggest better ways to medicate your bird.

3. “Where’s my grub?” Knowing if you bird wants more food could be tricky. Overfeeding them in the beginning is okay. But observed how much he eats until you figure out how much he needs.

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4. “What on earth are you feeding me?” Do your research before trying to feed your bird something new. You’ll never know if it’s bad for him.

5. “Poison!” Never feed your bird chocolate, avocado, alcohol or coffee. It’s poison to them.

And that’s just 5 of them. If you want to know more about the best bird-feeding practices, you have a lot of resources online. Always remember that a healthy bird is a happy bird.

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