4 Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Tents

by CCB Today | Thursday, Jul 6, 2017 | 216 views

Newly wed couple walking towards the reception tentA few brides will find white tents enough for their wedding. However, if you are the creative type, you will consider using the services of a wedding tent rental company in St. Paul, MN to add style to your tents. If you still cannot hire a tent rental firm, you can use these smart ideas to decorate your wedding tents.

Consider using enchanting lanterns

Lamps can help you create a cozy feeling in all your tents; in fact, they will contribute to filling up the spaces. The good thing about lanterns is that you can string them in different ways, amounts, sizes and colors.

Lanterns are awesome decorations, but you still have to use string lights because lanterns do not shed enough light.

Hang sparkling string lights around your tent

If you love to have that Venetian trattoria fee, then invest in string lights. You can opt to wrap the lights around outer poles, hang them from peak to peak, peaks to the sides, or around the centre. These sparkling lights will enhance your wedding with mood and romance.

Flowing flowers

Every wedding venue requires having a lush look of nature. You can hire a florist to assist you in developing decorations that will match your wedding theme. In case you are on a budget, you can use long grasses or wildflowers to complement your wedding theme

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Use uplifting up-lighting

Shining colored lights from the ground up into the wedding tent will surely enhance your tent. You just need colorful gels and set them on a timer to turn colors after a certain period. This has a dramatic effect that will add style to your venue.

If you prefer using one of these smart ideas, be certain to consult your tent provider to guide you with proper installation and removal.

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