Why Invest in Commercial Properties?

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018 | 182 views

Two businessmen shaking handsIf there’s one huge benefit from investing in a commercial property, that is you can be sure to reap the rewards of your investment sooner than you expect. Here are three things that make commercial spaces an excellent investment:


Owning a commercial property can benefit you in two ways: having an investment and a source of income. If you buy a property in the Vancouver area where demand for commercial spaces is high, you can lease your space and have your mortgage subsidised by the income you get from leasing. You can use your investment immediately and generate income at the same time. This provides you with financial flexibility that will enable you to invest in other properties to expand your portfolio.

Additional Stream of Income

If you’re running your own business, paying for a mortgage for your own business space is a wiser move. In case you decide to change your business, you can always have your space leased to other businesses. Bigger spaces can even be divided into sections that you can rent out to different tenants simultaneously. This can be a highly profitable leasing strategy.


Other than owning and running your own leasing business, you’re also investing in real estate property, making you a business owner and investor in one. You can either use the space to house your own business or lease it to other businesses. You can dedicate it for leasing or you can resell it at a higher value later on. Either way, it’s a wise investment and a profitable business venture.

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These are only three of the many excellent reasons you should invest in a commercial property. It creates financial flexibility, financial stability, and is definitely a profitable form of investment.

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