Types of Stones Headstones Are Made Of

by CCB Today | Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 | 129 views

Funeral Home ServiceThe gravestone is an essential part of burials and cremations. For McDougal Funeral Home, they will not only mark someone’s final resting place but will also exemplify their life. Whether you are picking your gravestone or a loved one’s, there are many choices you will have to make.

Among the critical choice is what the headstone will be made of. Your choices include wood, plastic, metal and stone. The most popular, durable and easily customized material among these is stone. Here are other types of stone you can pick from.


This is a durable and beautiful natural stone. It comes in a broad range of lovely colors and is easy to work on. You can hence get various intricate designs on your headstone.

Granite headstones are cost-efficient and will hold up to a range of weather elements exceptionally well. Most church graveyards opt for granite headstones for a traditional uniform look.


In the 1920s, marble was the exclusive gravestone material, and it still is a popular choice. Marble can be carved into various designs and makes a beautiful headstone.

It is, however, more expensive than granite and might not be the best choice in rainy weather. The mild acid found in rainwater affects the marble and will over time make your stone’s inscriptions unreadable.


This is an extremely tough stone with exceptional weather resistance. Slate comes in various colors depending on its origin, but compared with marble and granite, its color range is not so broad. It is also a costly material option for headstones though its durability makes it worth the price.

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From the options mentioned here, it is impossible to miss one that suits your budget and design preference. You might be tempted to get cheaper materials for your headstone. Nothing, however, will match stone in exemplifying your undying spirit or that of your loved one.

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