Types of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018 | 161 views

Glass shower enclosureLike other rooms in your house, your bathroom should attest to your taste and contribute to the overall mood of your home. You can manage this by having an exquisite shower door — perhaps one made out of glass.

A glass door in your shower not only improves the design of your bathroom, but it also creates more space especially if it slides rather than swing open. What’s more, a frameless shower door raises the value of your house.

Other than status, a frameless glass balustrade also improves the ventilation and privacy of your bathroom. Most have glass patterns that obscure the view and eliminate the need for a curtain.

In the case you would wish to enjoy the advantages that frameless glass shower doors have to offer, below are the various kinds.

Rain glass

With this beautifully patterned glass door, you get to enjoy improved privacy and save space at the same time. More than that, you can always capture one of those “raining outside” shots for your Instagram when you feel like it.

The glass lets through a soft light, and its design makes it easy to clean. It also conceals small stains, fingerprints, and watermarks.

Grey glass

This shower glass door will have a smokey look. It looks like it is tinted even after steam from a warm shower covers the door. You could pick as dark a tint as tickles your fancy. Whatever shade of grey you choose, this shower glass will give your bathroom a unique feel.

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Frosted glass

Frosted glass is regular glass etched with a strong acid. It gives a distinct smooth uniformity that resembles satin. Except for the fact that it will not respond to the wind, the frosted glass door looks like a curtain. Like rain glass, frosted glass is also very easy to clean.

The best thing with these frameless glass shower doors is that they are easy to replace when the need arises. That means you can call a specialist any moment to breathe new life into your old bathroom. You will not even have to do a full house renovation to inject some panache into your house.

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