These Strategies Will Improve User Website Experience

by CCB Today | Friday, May 19, 2017 | 168 views

Picture of computer serversYour site’s user experience can make or break it; a visitor that has a difficult time browsing or finding what they need can turn into an impatient one. With shorter attention spans, they might just close your tab and look elsewhere. That is a potential conversion that you do not want to lose, a web design company from Canberra cites the following ideas on how you can improve user experience.

The Importance of White Space

Simple is beautiful; some website owners flood their pages with information and ads, in some cases, these may help boost profit. However, clutter takes away from the user’s navigation and satisfaction. Too many things on a page reduce the importance of each part and make it difficult for a visitor to find the content they need. White space makes content readable and legible and enables you to highlight certain aspects of your site.

Enough space on a page brings out the best in each element on it; white space around text improves the attention of a user to around 20%. Find the right balance of negative space and content to make you website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

UX Audit

When you conduct a UX audit, you determine which pieces of content are important and what elements to add to a page. Experts agree on the following parameters to improve this aspect of your site.

  • Relevance – the content must match with the expectations of a visitor; any mismatches may lead to a higher bounce rate and poorer performance.
  • Clarity – legibility and readability play an important role; if a visitor can easily comprehend the information, you are on the right track.
  • Value Proposition – creating a perceived benefit of using your products or services is a must; it may mean the difference between a conversion or someone just passing through.
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These are some of the strategies that enable you to improve the user experience of visitors. Implement these to gain an advantage and stay ahead in your niche.


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