The Truth about Chocolate and Chili

Food and IngredientsWhen a country supplies the most ingredients in the world, of it doesn’t mean the produce comes from there. In fact, that is a myth, and it’s high time to clear it up and present the truth. Mexican cuisine as prepared in El Paso Mexican Restaurant, for one thing, cannot be the same without these ingredients. But where did they originate?

1. Chocolate

What You Know: The United States and the Western Europe are some of the biggest suppliers of chocolates in the world. The United States, for one, is the home of the largest chocolate manufacturers, which are Mars Incorporated and Hershey Corporation.

Here’s More Truth: The United States is nowhere near the top 10 suppliers, at least according to World Atlas. African and Latin American countries tend to dominate the list, with Cote d’Ivoire ranking first. It produces an average of 1.44 million tons of cocoa.
But that’s not the only reality: the history of chocolate didn’t begin in any of these nations. Rather, it has its roots in Mexico. Evidence points that ancient Mesoamerican civilization consumed it as early as 1750 BC. Moreover, the Mayans and the Aztecs were believed to be lovers of the sweet treat. Currently, Mexico places eighth in cacao production.

2. Chili

What You Know: India is the biggest producer and consumer of chili in the world. In fact, researchers dub it the universal spice in the country.

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Here’s More Truth: India takes the lead in the dry red chili market, but China follows closely. Other countries that export chili are Peru and Mexico. But it is in Mexico where chili’s history began. It reached Asia only when Europeans traveled in the region during the sixteenth century.

Though many countries appropriated these ingredients, they are Mexican in origin and form the base of many Mexican dishes.

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