The Significance of Court Reporters

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018 | 176 views

Importance of a Court ReporterTo an outsider of the court legal system, the thought of having a reporter in a courtroom during court proceedings may be an afterthought. These individuals sit in a courtroom and continuously type on their laptops on the details that are happening in the court.

Phoenix videoconference court reporters like Phoenix Deposition Services are essential in a court hearing since some court hearings cannot proceed in the absentia of a court reporter. But why are the court reporters essential, you ask. Here are the reasons why they are critical to a legal system:

Have Necessary Training

The reporters undergo training on law, legal terminologies, and courtroom proceedings. Also, the individuals are proficient in recording speech which they later translate to a transcript. The transcript is a section of the case record which a court clerk must keep. During the court hearings, the transcript can be called upon severally by attorneys or the judge.

Provision of Transcripts

Every U.S. citizen has a right to appeal according to the constitution. During the appeal period, the court proceedings of previous hearings must be brought to the table, and the transcripts, in this case, are the most accurate back up of the hearings. Even the judge’s decision as to whether to allow a case appeal or not depends on the transcript.

The accuracy of Proceedings from their Presence

Besides producing the transcript, the presence of reporters in a courtroom creates awareness among the attendees. Every individual from the judge, attorney, accused, to the witness are aware every word will be taken into account and will be reviewed later. Although reporters are silent attendees, they play a big role in ensuring the accuracy of court proceedings.

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Even with the threat of technology taking the role of court reporting, Phoenix videoconference court reporters remain and will always be relevant in providing court reporting services. The court reporters are professional with fast turn-around time, with similar significance as the attorneys to a fair judicial system.

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