The Key to Success: Can Proper Keyword Targeting Improve Your Site’s Visibility?

by CCB Today | Monday, Dec 22, 2014 | 683 views

searching random sitesSearch Engine Optimisation is not dead; it is just different today. What seemed to be the most effective strategies in the past few years are no longer helpful. When companies do SEO properly, they can see great improvements in their ROI.

For small business owners, effective keyword research becomes an increasingly important part of planning. So, when it comes to your keywords, you must aim for those related to your business. You should not target everything. It is necessary to get your keywords right, or all your SEO campaign would be a big failure.

Have you taken a moment to look at your current keywords and what your target market types in search engines? Perhaps this is a challenging question for many businesses. But, by correctly identifying your keywords’ potential, you can make your website a go-to place for customers.

Here’s why you should aim for high ranking keywords:

It Gives You a Good Spot in Search Engines

You want to know what your target market is looking for. Your first step should be to come up with the most popular keywords and phrases t related to your business. Use those that are relevant to your niche. By doing this, you provide a way for your potential customers to find you.

According to, a full-service digital agency, “Search engines like Google are quite confusing, and they have a list of do’s and don’ts that change frequently. These are called algorithms and adhering to these is what enables your users to find what they are looking for. It’s all about being relevant and having relevant keywords and phrases that are associated with your business.”

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It Offers You an Opportunity to Strengthen Your Reputation

Look at all the keywords you have gathered. Determine which you believe are right to use for your products or services. By prioritising targets or targeting the most asked questions by your potential customers, you can boost your reputation online. You cannot control what people will say about you and your business. But, you have a control over the quality of information people see online.

Keep in mind that keyword research is a critical step in SEO marketing. The key to growing traffic and profit is targeting interest and intent.

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