Spacious and Visual Designs Help Break the Monotony of Work

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018 | 149 views

modern officeThe availability of office spaces for rent in the Philippines is not a problem. The challenge now is how to turn that space into something that employees will love going to every day. After all, offices have transformed into spaces where workers can become more productive and efficient.

Here are office designs that can inspire employees to get to look forward to work.

More Space for Employees

Most companies have a variety of teams and departments that have varying roles. It would make sense that each team or department has its own room. Not all companies, however, can afford to have separate rooms for every team. But there’s another way to provide them with more space.

Open space design in offices has eliminated cubicles that separated one employee from another. It’s meant to boost productivity and encourage human interaction and open communication. The problem, however, is the monotony of long rows of desks.

Your office can break up the typical layout with nooks or areas for spontaneous meetings. Instead of conference rooms, these informal spaces can offer up opportunities for employee engagement and collaborations.

Better Acoustics and Visual Reminders

Controlling acoustics can help improve the collaboration process among employees. It’s a struggle to keep up in a meeting where you can barely hear a thing.

Carpeting high-traffic areas, such as corridors, could help improve the acoustics in an office. Another solution is to add furniture and put up plants because they can absorb ambient sound. Acoustic screens lining communal areas and meeting room walls can also help.

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Boost the productivity of your employees in the workplace, make them feel that you care about their well-being. Visual reminders put up in the office can give them a sense of purpose. Wall art, decor, signage, and furniture can serve as reminders of what they do and what the company does is important to the world.

Focus on the designs that your office can accommodate. Office spaces can do so much to help employees feel more welcome and energized to get started every day.

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