Restoration Pointers: Investing in Old Offices for Your New Workspace

by CCB Today | Thursday, Sep 15, 2016 | 303 views

Restoration Project in TampaWhile it’s true that restoring old buildings can be a costly and time-consuming project, there are merits in doing so. Small buildings can easily turn into new offices, while retaining the original style of the period when it was built. In addition, it can be a more affordable option than constructing your own building or renting a commercial space.

Here are some pointers to take note of when creating a new office space from old commercial structures:

Structure – Buildings past the 10-year mark will already show signs of deterioration. No matter how sturdy the place is from rain, flood, earthquake, and heat, poor maintenance can damage any building’s integrity. Have your architects and engineers check the building’s strength and compare with the other choices you have before making a final decision.

Lights – If the building still uses old lighting fixtures, it’s time to switch to LED. With the many commercial lighting choices available in Tampa, Florida, AMPRO and other suppliers say that you’re sure to find what you need. Look for colored or dimming lights if you prefer. Make sure that the placement of electrical switches and fixtures will fit your building’s new design, though.

Cosmetic – When a building has retained its strength and integrity, you can restore it easily through paint jobs and repairs on visibly damaged areas. These may include taking down the walls or creating additional rooms. Do consider replacing the plumbing, window glass, and other fragile parts of the building. As long as the repairs won’t risk weakening the building structure, then you’re good to go.

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Remember that the building you are aiming to buy and restore has a history. It has an architectural appeal that’s not available in most newly built structures. Make use of your chosen office space’s unique charm and do not overdo the renovations. Otherwise, it may cost you more than constructing a new building.

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