Rent it Out: Business Opportunities for Australian Homeowners

by CCB Today | Friday, Aug 7, 2015 | 222 views

home for rentYour home is your castle and you want to find ways to improve it. Some even find ways to profit from their property. The possibilities are endless for homes in Sydney because of the location.


People who like to travel have several accommodation options. Backpackers, especially Australians in their gap year, usually look for affordable residences that need minimal maintenance.  The place should be near different modes of transportation.

A big fear of landlords and homeowners, however, is the obvious one: can backpackers be trusted? Believe it or not, there are various online sites that have a wide and informative network of couch surfers and backpackers.  They offer assistance in weeding out potential troublemakers for your peace of mind.

House Swap

This is like a domestic, cultural and social exchange between two families or individuals that live far apart. An important factor to remember when house-swapping is that your house decorations will be a reflection of your personality.

Clean up the place. Make arrangements for the storage of your valuables outside your home. And remember to provide emergency numbers to your “swap mates”. Include a list of nearby landmarks for exploration.


While many businessmen or company managers enjoy hotels and expensive lodgings when they travel, most would still prefer the trappings of a home. They will pay a reasonable (and negotiable) sum to live with a host family during their stay. Tourists have been doing this for years and the corporate world is doing so as well.

Use online advertisements to offer your home. Include photos of the house and the surrounding area. Travelling executives will contact you privately if your house, apartment or trailer provides the amenities they need.

If you’ve recently purchased a new property you intend to lease out, property managers from Laing+Simmons remind that every tenant has different needs. Your goal is to find the right tenant for your property.

Sydney is a place rich in culture and business opportunities. Travellers find that they can save on their budget while learning about new cultures through local lodgings and host homes. Australians are open to the idea of meeting new people. Offering your home as a rental space is a lucrative opportunity.

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