MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus: Tailoring Business Communication

by CCB Today | Monday, Nov 30, 2015 | 230 views

MOTOTRBO Capacity PlusThe key to a successful business is largely easy and effective communication. Business radio systems are less expensive, more durable, offer clearer transmissions and less interference as well.

The MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus facilitates easy communications between your employees – regardless of the kind of business you engage in. The Capacity Plus system fuses the latest digital technology with the best features of two-way radio communication, allowing your business to meet all your communication requirements.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus is ideal for your business communications. Here’s why:

  • The Capacity Plus offers long battery life, and exceptional voice clarity. It makes communicating with and between employees easy and effective, making them more productive as well.
  • The MOTOTBRO communication system can also be expanded with minimum costs using the scalable trunking solutions to allow you to communicate with larger numbers of workers.
  • With Capacity Plus, the MOTOTBRO system can link more than 1000 radio users on the same frequencies. Employees can share data and exchange information through voice communication on the same system. Integrated text messaging as well as GPS helps boost communication.
  • Capacity Plus offers higher capacities than the conventional analogues, offer greater coverage, and allows system-wide calling.
  • Capacity Plus allows you to easily upgrade from analogue systems to digital systems with just a simple software upgrade. The upgrade supports both, analogue and digital modes.
  • With MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, you can even integrate iOS and Android mobile devices into the communication network with WAVE 3000.

MOTOTRBO offers your business a comprehensive solution to all your communication requirements. The enhanced features of Capacity Plus, MOTOTRBO promises increased efficiency, enhanced features and exceptional voice clarity that is bound to help your business progress in leaps and bounds. More reliable and durable, MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus allows you to tailor the communication system to the requirements of your employees and workplace to perfection.

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