Let The Force Awaken Your Marketing Campaign

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 | 232 views

Marketing CampaignBelieve it or not, The Force can help your marketing campaign — Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, that is.

The Disney-Lucas film connection might give the film a severe advantage over your new product. After all, media giants are capable of hosting successful launches. But rather than wallow in envy, it is best to understand how Disney promotes the new instalment to the series.

Surrender yourself to The Force and discover what it can uncover for you.

Clever Product Promotion

To attract potential consumers, quality must start from the product itself. In the case of Star Wars VII, the production does not only rely on the previous movies’ legacies; they also create catchy headlines and taglines moviegoers will remember. For example, they called their merchandise release “Force Friday”. It works because it is easy to remember and relates much to the franchise.

To start, come up with a good label for your product. Unimax, provider of labels in NZ, suggests coming up with clever names for your products. The same applies to your other marketing material. Create hashtags and headlines that stick to help people remember.

Stir Some Anticipation

The seventh Star Wars film will be released around Christmas. Force Friday occurred on September 4, three months away from the showing date. The release of notable memorabilia and products stirred the fans’ anticipation for the film 12:01 AM that Friday.

In terms of launches, it is not enough to just announce a sale. It pays to toss out hints every now and then to create interest before the actual announcement. This creates an actual demand. One preview is not enough to create the anticipation your product deserves.

Timing is Everything

Force Friday could have been set on any weekday. But most Star Wars fans are not available due to their jobs and schooling. By scheduling the event on a Friday, fans of all ages can easily drop by since the weekend follows the morning after.

Timing is crucial for a successful product launch. The best marketers consider all the details and possibilities when it comes to scheduling their events. Consider the right date, which guarantees an overflow of consumers.

While you may never be involved in a campaign as big as Star Wars, your product launch can still work. Just learn from the professionals and practice what you see. Give it a try and may The Force be with you.

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