Earth to Earth, Dust to Dust: A Green Funeral as a Final Resting Option

by CCB Today | Thursday, May 10, 2018 | 177 views

funeral plan serviceThe world faces massive environmental problems such as pollution, climate change and global warming. As dire as the situation may seem, you can do your part in saving the environment. Switching to eco-friendly materials and energy efficient appliances are among the many ways you can save the earth.  And you can still contribute to eco-friendly efforts long after you’re gone.

What is Green Funeral?

Arranging a natural funeral is now possible to minimize the impact of burial on the environment,, a green funeral plan provider, explains.

Eco-friendly funerals began with the woodland burial movement in the UK, which focuses on low-impact ceremonies. This movement eventually prompted many to opt for natural funerals. Green or natural funerals promote sustainability, in which complete decomposition and a natural return to the soil is the goal rather than using chemicals or cremation. It focuses on simplicity, favoring an outdoor, homespun, back-to-nature look.

A tree could mark the grave-site or it could blend in with its natural surroundings. There are multiple options to consider, allowing for a personalized final resting place.

How would it Go?

Most people consider a green funeral as a better alternative because it uses a coffin or shroud made locally from natural, sustainable materials like wood, willow, wool or bamboo. These types of materials are good ways to unite with nature more rapidly.

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Aside from biodegradable coffins and shrouds, options include a burial suit and organic burial pods. The former is a full-body suit that allows a natural return to earth without damaging the environment. Meanwhile, the latter uses a pod for burial and allows for the nourishment of seeds that eventually grow into trees.

An eco-friendly funeral can further minimize its carbon footprint through a meat-free wake. Vegetarian and organic meals would be in keeping with low-impact ceremonies.

Helping the environment should be a priority, so future generations can still experience a greener world. You can lead others to a better environment by supporting eco-friendly activities – from today and beyond.

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