Content Site Audit: Studying Your Client’s Site Before Working on a Strategy

by CCB Today | Friday, Aug 7, 2015 | 241 views

seo auditOne of the factors you should focus on when performing site audits is the content of your client’s site. From blog posts to landing pages, you have to evaluate if these are enough to help them rank on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established white label SEO company (or reseller), you can take note of the following questions to help you perform a content-based site audit:

Does the Site Have High Quality Content?

Put yourself in the shoes of your client’s target audience when reading content. Rate the site according to how they answered your questions, how relevant their content is to the industry, and how they gave you a sense of urgency in buying their products and services.

High quality content must appeal to the needs and interests of its market. It’s not always about the grammar and tone, but the topic and choice of words.

Is the Content Target Market-Optimized?

People visit websites expecting that they’ll get the information they’re looking for. Developing a website with little to no content doesn’t guarantee satisfying results. You need to audit every page, especially the content and design, with your client’s target market in mind. If the page is about a service targeted at older women, then there should be no mentions of the opposite gender or people of a much younger age unless it’s also applicable to them.

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In addition, calls-to-action are important. Your client’s site may be good at grabbing attention, but this will be useless if they don’t convert and help the business grow. Make sure that your clients maximize what they can offer. After all, it’s their site. They can market themselves however they want.

Before drafting a proposal for your clients, make sure you have done a thorough audit of their site. Based on their content alone, you can tell what parts need improvement to rank better on search.

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