Cleaning with Microfiber Cloth – Understanding How It Works

by CCB Today | Sunday, Nov 29, 2015 | 249 views

Microfiber ClothPeople have found incredible ways and many inventions when looking to stay clean and microfiber cleaning cloths are one of the advancements made which really have made life easier. We always have appreciated the good things in life, and quite simply the idea of cleaning is something nearly all of us don’t enjoy, it is a chore which, if can be done without, we would all be happier.

Microfiber cloth from The Ragman Company makes the process less atrocious by eliminating soap and water. They are quite hygienic and they also eliminate the need to use toxic detergents in the cleaning process too, double bonus.

Here is a look at how cleaning cloths work:

Water is essentially the basic thing used to clean everything,this is because its molecules having two different ends is electrically balanced and sticks to all kinds of things, making it possible to break off dirt and other unhygienic particles. When water alone isn’t sufficient, it is common practice to add detergent, which is a soapy chemical making the process of dissolving and doing away with impurities easier and simpler.

Not everyone likes using detergents however, there are many reasons for this, including the fact that they are expensive, can cause skin complaints and allergies; and overusing these cleaning agents can really wreak havoc with our body’s immune systems. Hence, a microfiber cloth is a great choice to opt for as it accomplishes the task with minimum of fuss and mess.

The ingredients of such cloth are 50% polyester and 50% polyamide and it is made by heating plastics through a tiny pipe to weave it together. The size of the fibres is an important determinant of the effectiveness of the cloth used.

This microfiber cloth can be used with very little water and no soap virtually. Out of habit people tend to still soak up the cloth in soapy water, but if anything it only reduces the effectiveness of the cloth used.

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