As SEO Rise, Marketing Opportunities Abound

by CCB Today | Thursday, Oct 22, 2015 | 220 views

SEOLike the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, the Digital Age has created various opportunities that have never before existed. Take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an example. As online visibility has become the primary preoccupation of websites, SEO has risen to the forefront, becoming an entirely new discipline in the process.

Website builders and distinguished online marketers are quick to find out that SEO is a service they can hardly live without. This, in turn, generated an entirely new breed of marketing professionals.

The Science of Being Found

It’s like in a department store. A product that is less visible on the racks simply won’t sell.

Research has shown that the first page of Google search results translates to better earning opportunities for a website. A study shows that the top in Google has 8.5 times more page views than sites on the fifth or sixth spots.

SEO expertise has commanded a heftier price tag today than ever before. The trend is not about to reverse anytime soon.

Rebranding SEO

What has become increasingly apparent is that SEO services can benefit a business that offers it a lot. A website builder offering search optimization as part of its package is perceived generally as a more robust supplier than one that offers no SEO at all.

To fill this need, many businesses have chosen to be an SEO reseller company. With such a set-up there is no need for an existing business to have an in-house SEO expert. Rather, SEO expertise comes from a white-label SEO provider. Resellers just rebrand it, while earning profit in the process.

It’s nothing short of being win-win. SEO resellers can focus on their marketing efforts, while their clientele can enjoy search-marketing expertise supplied by a more experienced team. SEO reselling shows just how the Internet can provide a host of wonderful opportunities.

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