Anatomy of a Perfect SEO Reseller Program

by CCB Today | Tuesday, May 5, 2015 | 395 views

Searching the NetThe fact that white label SEO has such an attractive business model to both marketing agencies and resellers, outsourced web solutions are almost ubiquitous. Nevertheless, even if private label packages are now so commonplace, these are not created equal. Some plans can’t cover your branding needs, while others fall short on offering comprehensive digital services.

No matter how long you’ve been in this business, or how much the industry has changed since you came in, the three most important things you should look for SEO reseller programs would forever stay the same. While each plan is unique, the one you should bring these to the table:


One way to distinguish a legitimate online marketing company to a snake-oil agency is by checking their promises. Anyone that guarantees a first-page Google ranking in less than six months is lying; that claim is just too good to be true.

A firm should provide you estimates based on the scale of the work that needs to be done. There’s no magic wand to rank sites in search results overnight; a lot of things has to fall in the right place to see some positive movement in the SERPs.


Your program should entitle you to receive monthly reports. As someone who would speak directly to site owners, you must know exactly the progress of the projects. Everything you say should be based on hard facts, not made-up numbers just to please your clients. Your partner must ensure synergy at all times to protect your reputation and your brand.

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White label SEO is all about freedom—to resell, to earn, and to be your own boss. You should not have to sign up to a contract or any form of commitment depriving the flexibility this business model offers.

The perfect reseller program is relative. Whatever your business goals may be, you might not appreciate the consequences of reselling a flawed SEO plan if you disregard all these three elements.

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